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Free Webinar: Optimise Your Retirement with Bond Investments

Generate passive, predictable income to fund your retirement years


Whether you’ve got experience in bond investments or are entirely new to the world of fixed income, this free webinar with one of our leading Investment Advisers, Ben Collings, will explain in simple terms how bonds can help you optimise your retirement.

Watch the free webinar now to find out how investing in bonds works, without all the unnecessary financial jargon.  

Access your free webinar with an Australian Bond Exchange Adviser

Here's what you'll learn:


Why bonds could be a safer investment to fund your retirement  


How bonds perform in comparison to alternative investments 


Australian Bond Exchange's
product approval process and dedication to transparency 

older couple planning for retirement

Optimise your investment portfolio

In this webinar, Investment Advisor Ben Collings will explain how bonds can help fund your retirement, without all the unnecessary financial jargon.

Optimise your portfolio and make smart investment decisions to deliver regular, predictable income in your golden years. 

Retirement could cost you over $1 million, are you prepared? 

If you retired at 60, it could cost you more than $1,000,000 to support yourself over the next two decades, according to research by the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) and the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)*. 

ASFA research shows to live a comfortable lifestyle in retirement, couples require $70,482 per year and singles need $50,004*. These figures do not account for the cost of rent, so if you don’t own property this cost could increase by tens of thousands of dollars.  

With ABS data showing Australians now live to 81-85 on average, this could mean you need to spend $1,250,100 to live comfortably the next twenty-five years, and that doesn’t account for inflation. 

So, how do you fund your retirement with a greater level of confidence? 

The AustralianSuper Balanced Option, the number one performing superannuation investment option in Australia in the decade to June 2021, hedges their bets by investing in fixed interest, which they see as “less risky than asset classes like listed shares.” 

By diversifying your retirement portfolio to include more conservative investments like bonds, you can generate stable, predictable income streams and have a greater level of confidence that you can generate a flow of income throughout your retirement. 

Why choose the Australian Bond Exchange? 

The Australian Bond Exchange gives Australian retirees the opportunity to generate regular fixed income streams from as little as $10,000 investment. 

Bonds and other fixed interest assets can now be purchased without having to save millions of dollars. 

High yielding bonds are accessible to investors for less than the cost of a brand-new car, with fixed terms and regular income payments you can generally rely on. 


Don't just take our word for it

“The main reason, why I have chosen ABE to invest with, is due to the fact that ABE offers small investors the opportunity to secure corporate bond products in small parcels, which weren't available to us in the past. 

I wanted to point out that the monthly webinars provided by ABE so far have been quite informative and I am gaining more knowledge about the bond market and how it operates.”
- Ken S. ABE Investment Client

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Investments can go up and down. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance. 
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