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Protect Your Wealth With Regular Income Through Australian Bond Exchange

Why Corporate Bonds?

Australian Bond Exchange Offers carefully selected quality corporate bonds to all investors. For the first time, Australian investors like you can now invest directly in bonds to generate regular, reliable income, have the security and comfort of knowing exactly when your income will be paid, and have a high degree of capital preservation. Investing directly in bonds also gives you greater control over your investments, and helps you build a more balanced and diversified investment portfolio.


Regular Reliable Income

Investing in bonds enables you to generate regular, reliable income, giving you the certainty of knowing you can meet your commitments and achieve your lifestyle goals.


Diversify Your Risk

Investing in bonds helps you diversify your investments to protect your wealth from the impact of market changes, interest rates, and inflation.


Protect Your Capital

Investing in bonds helps you cushion your investment portfolio and your income from market upheavals.


Plan For Your Future

Plan for any market scenario with choices of fixed, flexible or inflation-linked rates.

Protect Your Wealth With Regular Income Through Australian Bond Exchange

Why Invest Through Us?

Right now, you can get access to a carefully curated selection of bonds for as little as $10,000. That means instead of buying products from the large institutions and funds with large markups and fees, you can now invest alongside them and obtain the same wholesale prices.

Giving You Direct Access to the Wholesale Bond Market

The wholesale corporate bond market in Australia is predominantly used by large financial institutions which trade in multi-million dollar transactions. The typical minimum trade size has, until now, frozen most private Australian investors out of the market. Australian Bond Exchange now gives you access to the same opportunities as these big investors.


Fully Transparent Pricing

Australian Bond Exchange searches the market for the best prices, paying close attention to reducing risk to get you the best return we can. And then pass that directly to you with no hidden fees or costs. That means you know exactly what you’re paying, and when, with no nasty surprises.

Bonds That Meet Exacting Standards

There are over 3,000 bonds available in the market today. We only offer bonds that meet our exacting standards and are vetted by our rigorous process. Find out more about our Product Approval Process and how it brings transparency and protection to your investments.